Thursday, January 9, 2014

Baby boots! (or slippers)

I had so much fun making these little boots for my sweet little niece :)
Trendy boots for babies and toddlers!
Since I don't know much about baby and toddler sizing, I traced my nieces foot before making these.  Then, I found an image of a toddler sized shoe sole and printed it so it was slightly longer than her foot measurements (heel to toe) to allow for seam allowances and some growth.  I looked at patterns for the toe portion of the boot and changed them up so they would work together with the sole.  Then, I used paper to draw out the rest of the pattern.  It took a bit of tweaking before the pieces worked together :)
The buttons are decoration.  I sewed in Velcro closures, so the boots open up all the way down to the sole.


  1. Super cute! These are amazing :) Nice job.

  2. Thanks! They were fun to make :)


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