Monday, January 20, 2014

back at school

I'm back at school & things are already in full gear... and today was only the first day!  I miss my sewing machine and craft cupboard like crazy, but luckily had some room in my bags to bring some knitting and crocheting back with me.  We'll see if I have any time to do that or not.
Over winter break I got a lot of crafting time in, so that was great.  I knitted a hat with cables, and crocheted a hat too.  Knitted several mug cozies, and sewed some little outfits (like these pajamas and these pajamas, and these boots, and others I have yet to post!)
I still have tons of projects to blog about that I've finished in the past, so I may post every now and then :)  Either way, I plan on posting more in the summer!

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