Thursday, January 2, 2014

Winter break!

Winter break is FLYING by!  I've been crafting (and organizing!) a lot, but since most of the things I was making were gifts, I had to wait until after the holidays to blog about them.   I'm still way behind on posting from last winter too... school has been keeping me busy, to say the least. 
I didn't bring anything crafty to school with me last term, but won't make that mistake again.  It gets pretty sad when I have a countdown going... not for the end of classes... but for how many days until I can sew (or craft) again!  (I am even considering bringing a small travel machine with me... but will likely limit myself to knitting supplies, due to luggage & time limitations)
I did a lot of sewing and cooking this year for holiday gifts :)  We used our dehydrator to made fruit rolls, dehydrated apples & bananas.  The spiced nuts we made using a new recipe I found on-line.  I have to say, I was hoping they'd turn out better (sorry, family!) next time I'll have to do a trial batch before giving them as gifts.
Hubby helped pick out fabrics, and I made Christmas pajamas for our nieces, nephew, and Godson.  I'll add pictures in another post :)

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