Thursday, January 23, 2014

Crocheted slippers!

My 1st week of the semester is almost to an end, and I luckily had some time to crochet!  The classroom we're in this term is super cold, but since it's really hot outside, I always wear flip flops.  So, I crocheted some slippers to wear during lecture :)  It took me two evenings worth of study breaks to make them.  I'll post pictures of the final products soon, but here is the base of it!
Crocheted slippers in progress
I wore the slippers in class today, and they helped a little bit.  I'm currently working on knitting some fingerless glove type things, so hopefully I can add that to my classroom attire soon!  (maybe a hat and scarf too haha, we'll see)
Tomorrow, I may bring my fleece blanket.

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