Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas craft with fabric, for kids

My Little and I work on a lot of craft projects. This is what we did this past week, for Christmas:

We cut felt, and Christmas fabric (leftover from the tree skirt I made) to make winter/Christmas themed pictures. Then, we decorated them with beads, ribbon, and puffy paint. The one above is mine... lol.

I was a little disappointed because the fabric glue I had didn't work! So when we were trying to glue our fabric together it was a no go. But that's when my trusty puffy paint came in handy! We used puffy paint to decoratively glue things onto the fabric (and fabric onto itself)

I guess I'll need to get some tacky glue to solve this dilemma in the future. Next week we're making ginger bread houses... (more accurately: eating all the candy and saying we made houses :) )

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