Thursday, December 16, 2010

Completed chair!

Well one chair has made it to the finish line! My first attempt at chair reupholstery was not a complete disaster :) (the other chair is still being taken apart)

I'm happy the final post for this project is on my Grandpa's birthday! He and my Grandma reupholstered these chairs a long time ago, and set me up with what I needed to try the project.

Here are links to the process:

taking the chair apart pt 1
taking the chair apart pt 2
covering buttons with fabric
reupholstering the chair back pt 1
reupholstering the chair back pt 2
reupholstering the seat

Here is the final product:

Front and back views of the chair

Once the other chair is done I'll see what we have left over for fabric (if any, may have to get more). I'm planning on making some throw pillows for the couch to tie the chairs in with it.

Also, I'm thinking of making a piano bench cushion in this fabric, again to tie things together in the room. That's debatable though... it might end up another color/texture/pattern :)

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  1. This chair is so sophisticated looking and I love the fabric you chose.

    Take care,


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