Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tutorial - reupholstering the chair back pt 1

Chair #1 is on its way to completion, slowly but surely.

Here is a refresher on the progress of the chair upholstery

First, batting goes on the back of the chair. Make sure the layers are smooth, and that they all cover the entire area that needs batting. For my first attempt at this I added a little extra batting underneath all of the layers that was just a little short of what I needed. The result: a very obvious lumpy look. Needless to say, I took that layer out.

Next, cover that batting with fabric! (I traced the old fabric panel that was removed from the chair and cut the new panel to match. Pretty simple.)

Oh, but make sure the fabric is smooth all over... don't hesitate to take out a few staples or nails to redo an area.

This chair had buttons holding the back fabric tight. So, here I added the buttons using an upholstery needle and some hemp.

This is what the back of the chair looked like with the buttons all fastened on.

Next up, adding the back panels to the chair back (which will require lots of hand sewing... I'll need to pick up some thread) and the chair bottom.

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