Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tutorial : Quick & easy hair accessory

This week is "accessory week" on my blog. I bought a bag of hair clips to decorate, and busted out some scrap fabric to make a really simple hair accessory. This is a NO-Sew hair clip. It's the perfect project for this busy holiday season!

Here is how it was made : (it only takes a minute or two)

1. Grab a scrap of fabric from your stash, and a hair clip.

2. Cut the fabric into the shape below (cut it larger or smaller based on how big you want your bow. My fabric was roughly 3 times the length of the hair clip to start)

3) Use fray check around the perimeter of the fabric you just cut to prevent it from fraying too much. (though it is not supposed to look too finished either)

4) Tie a knot, it will now look like the picture below.

5) Slip the hair clip through the knot you just tied, but on the backside of the bow.

6) That's all! The best part is that you could easily tie several different bows, and change them out on the same hair clip, depending on which accessory you wanted that day.

* you could also tie this bow onto a headband or hair tie for a slightly different look*

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