Sunday, December 26, 2010

Redying bleach stained shirt, take 2

This week is fabric dying week on my blog. Follow along with me as I have my second go at fixing a bleach stained shirt by removing the dye, and redying it.

You may remember these previous posts on the topic:
attempt to fix bleach spots on shirt take 1 pt 1
attempt to fix bleach spots on shirt take 1 pt 2

Again, remember these key things about this shirt and process:

1. The shirt I'm working with doesn't have a label, so I don't know the fabric content
2. This shirt has been undyed and redyed before (but I will be going about it a little differently this time)
3. The outcome of the shirt is never a guarantee, and what happens with my shirt may or may not happen to yours (or mine if I try it again in the future)

Here's how the shirt looked after the last round of dye: (hmmm looks a little splotchy, but I think this can be fixed)

I will be using a box of Rit laundry treatment color remover, and a bag of Dylon olive green fabric dye.

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