Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tutorial - reupholstering the chair back pt 2

The back of the chair I'm reupholstering has fabric now!

Here is how it was done:

1) 3 panels were sewn together (seams matching up with the chair legs) using the old fabric as the pattern.

2) The fabric was stapled right side down, at the top of the chair (so it can be folded over to cover the chair and have a nice finished edge) A TACKING STRIP was used for this step (thin cardboard strip as shown below) to give a nice crisp looking finish.

3) Flip the fabric downwards over the chairs back. Make sure it is pulled completely tight along the entire top so there isn't extra fabric later on.

4) Pull the fabric tight and staple a few sections of fabric to the bottom of the chair, making sure it is centered.

5) Fold the edges under, then, using upholstery strength thread and a special curved upholstery needle, hand sew the two sides of the chair back to the fabric that was stapled on as the chair front. (pic below)

6) Finish stapling the fabric onto the bottom of the chair, folding raw edges under around the chair legs.

7) Get ice, or a cool rag for your very tired, red fingers :)

Here are the two chair pieces (and a cat toy)... next, on to assembly!

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