Saturday, December 25, 2010

Santa hat for pets

Hubby is working today, so you know what that means... it's time to get the pets more festive for the holidays!

You may recall another post recently for pets .... pet antlers!

As the final day of accessory week, it is fitting to have one for animals :)

To make a Santa hat:

1) Cut 2 roughly triangular pieces of red fabric.

2) Sew the red fabric right sides together, leaving the bottom of the triangle open AND sewing a small "ball" of batting at the top corner of the hat (so when you turn the hat right side out it has a finished edge)

3) Turn the hat right side out

4) Cut a long strip of batting and fold it in half (lengthwise) over the bottom edge of the red fabric.

5) Top stitch the batting strip onto the hat

6) Sew elastic onto the hat (or some other method to tie the hat on)

That's all! This probably took 3 minutes, start to finish.

Trying the hat on each of my little ones and taking pictures took much longer :)

Someone doesn't look too happy... was it because she's wearing the Santa hat? Or, because her brother snuck into her picture?

Merry Christmas!

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