Sunday, December 12, 2010

crazy beagle/the story of a homemade heating pad

The story of the heating pad: One day shortly after returning from our honeymoon, hubby and I went kayaking. Hubby was being "macho" and lifted the kayaks out of the water at a bad angle, by himself, before I could help. Not a good idea, but he seemed to be fine. UNTIL... oh around midnight, when he complained of intense back pain. I thought I had a microwavable rice heating pad somewhere that I offered to find for him, and he thought that would really help. Well, of course my belongings were still all in boxes and I couldn't find it.

So, I decided to quickly make one for him. (good thing we coincidentally bought a crazy amount of rice at the store the day before...) I used a fabric bag that originally held a sheet set in it since that would require the least amount of sewing and I was working with a travel sewing machine that had been problematic lately.

Basically I just filled the fabric bag about 2/3 full of rice, and sewed it shut. I then added two ribbon handles to hold when taking it out of the microwave. Not my prettiest work, but it did the job.

I'm super sentimental, so I was pretty bummed when I discovered the heating pad shortly after our beagle decided to check it out.

Here is what it looked like, after the beagle attack:

Most of the rice was missing.

You may recall a post about beagle in the past, when he chewed a portion of our new couch cushion.

Beagle is actually a really sweet little guy, I just like to write about his "naughty" moments.

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