Friday, December 24, 2010

Fabric rosette hair clip

How to make fabric rosettes:

1) Cut a long, narrow strip of fabric (Mine was probably 1/2" wide. The length depends on how big or how many rosettes you will make. I think I cut mine 20ish " long but had leftovers, this varies greatly)

2) At the end of your fabric strip, fold one corner over as if you were starting to make a paper football (see below) and stitch the base of it in place.

3) Take the point that was just made (right side of picture above) and fold it to the left, so it meets up with the other side of the corner you just sewed down.

4) Stitch in place. (see diagram below, which summarizes steps 1-4)

**You now have made the center of one rosette**

5) Working with the long end of the fabric, twist the fabric strip a couple of times.

6) With the twisted fabric, rotate it around the center of the rosette (made by steps 1-4)

7) Stitch fabric in place on bottom of the forming rosette

8) Repeat steps 5-7 until your rosette has reached the desired size

After making a rosette about 3/4" in diameter, I started the process over using the same strip of fabric, leaving it attached. I ended up making a chain of 3 rosettes and then stitching them to a hair clip.

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