Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Classic bow hair clip

Here's how to make a classic bow hair clip. For a change up, this bow could also be put on the headband from yesterday or something along that line.

1. Cut a strip of ribbon for the bow (longer or shorter depending on how big of a bow you want) my ribbon probably started out about 5" long which gave about a 2 1/2" bow at the end.

2. Make a circle with the ribbon you just cut and pinch it together so the two raw edges of ribbon are in the center of that pinch

3. Sew the ribbon together where it was pinched

4. Cut a small piece of ribbon that is big enough to wrap around the center "pinch" of the piece you just created.

5. Put tacky glue on the backside of the bow and glue the new little piece of ribbon down (see below)

6. Let it dry

7. Push a clip through the back of the ribbon (the loop you just made) or stitch some loops on the backside so a clip can be hooked on that way.

I stitched loops on the back of mine, so a bobby pin can be used.

You can also make the center piece of ribbon tighter, for a slightly different look.

This takes about a minute, and only costs a few cents. MUCH cheaper than buying one at the store! (and pretty easy too)

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