Monday, December 27, 2010

Supplies for removing dye from shirt

I'm removing dye from a bleach spotted shirt hoping to make the color even so it can be redyed a normal color. I refuse to let a little bleach permanently take the life from this shirt!

Since my washing machine is new, and I fear hurting or staining it in any way, I'm using the stove top method to remove the dye. I have heard the washing machine method works well and fabric turns out evenly dyed (or undyed) but don't know this first hand.

Here is what I used to remove the dye from my shirt: (remember results may vary, depending on many different factors such as fabric content and methods)

1. The shirt should be damp when starting this process. Mine was not, so I threw it in a bucket of water (and later wrung it out), and had beagle keep a close eye on it. (ok really, I put a lid on the bucket when I saw how interested he was in it)

2. A large stainless steel pot (this one is 12 qt.) (DO NOT use aluminum or anything non-stick)

3. A long stirring utensil that can be dedicated to dye projects only in the future (I used a wooden spoon)
4. 1 box of color remover: Rit Laundry Treatment color remover
5. Rubber gloves

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