Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas tree skirt

Hubby and I cut a Christmas tree this year, which meant the stall in our search for tree skirts soon had to end. Since hubby thought it would be more special if I made one, we switched directions of our search, and I busted out my trusty pattern stash. I found McCalls craft pattern 3777 which includes a pattern for a Christmas tree skirt (view K).

McCalls craft pattern 3777

We made a trip to Hobby Lobby to pick out some fabric and even happened upon a sale. I think all the clerks recognize hubby at the store now... poor guy. But, he has a knack for picking out and matching fabrics etc. so I love it when he comes along.

Anyways, here is the fabric we chose:

McCalls craft pattern 3777 view K cut fabric

Here we are at the tree farm before finding the one to bring home. It was a little cold, but very fun!

After cutting the tree and bringing it home, I started sewing the tree skirt. It was a pretty quick and easy sew. The pattern also has beaded snowflake designs you can add to the skirt, but I skipped that because of my fabric choice. We also bought some green trim that I was going to sew where the two fabrics change, but hubby thought that wouldn't look as nice, so I skipped that too. (I was indifferent about that... but it saved me some time!)

top of tree skirt McCalls 3777

underside of tree skirt McCalls 3777

McCalls 3777 tree skirt

Notice the kennel on the left of the picture above... it's blocking the beagle from getting into the living room. He is not to be trusted with the tree unsupervised!

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